A dash of colour…..

……. for our challenge of Bright Colours on Sunday Postcard Art this week. 

The background was done by scraping various colours of acrylic onto the piece of card with an old piece of plastic, then a little overstamping and some bits of paper were added.  An altered face from a magazine and some bits of colourful paper made my figure…….


Donna xx



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18 responses to “A dash of colour…..

  1. Sandy

    Wow this is really unique.
    Unbelievable card.

  2. Beautiful colors in this piece – love the expression, too.

  3. Fantastic art. Love this style!

  4. Wonderful-you took your imagination for a walk!

  5. I love your style!! Fantastic card. Everything about it perfect – and bright!!

  6. Very Teesha Moore-ish! I love your choice of colors, and the style of art.

  7. This is wonderful! I love the zettie-feel!

  8. Very nice work, lovely colours.

  9. Love the colors and style.

  10. anne Wilson

    Great Postcard, Donna!

  11. Great motto AND brilliant postcard!

  12. This card made me smile. What a great quote!!

  13. I love your style. This one is absolutely delicious. Fantastic, colorful postcard.

  14. Once again you have done a wonderful job with color and texture. Love everything about it.

    Gaby xo

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