It’s Jubilee weekend…..

….so we couldn’t not celebrate it over at SPA.  Here’s my card for this week featuring pictures of our Majesty both at her coronation and now. It’s a mixture of actual collage and digital.

Still on the jubilee theme thought Id just put up a pic of the necklace and bracelet set I made to wear at work during the jubilee. Its nothing terribly complicated just a simple little thing…..

Donna xx



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10 responses to “It’s Jubilee weekend…..

  1. Your postcard and neckless are gorgeous…you’re a very talented lady…awesome job!

  2. Pretty collage, and pretty necklace too!

  3. Beautiful necklace, Donna, I’m sure Her Majesty would love your postcard, too!

  4. Nice neclace and a lovely tribute to the queen.

  5. A wonderful tribute to the Queen on this special occasion. Beautifully created.

  6. A beautiful commemorative card.

  7. you’re being very patriotic Donna! beautiful card and necklace.

  8. Audrey


  9. Lovely necklace and postcard!

  10. Might be simple, it looks really nice 🙂

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