….as it was St Davids day just a few days ago and as Spring is starting to push its way in what better theme for us to have this week on SPA than ‘Daffodils’. I love daffodils there is something about them that is so cheerful, along the main road that I drive along on my way to work there’s a section where hundreds of daffodils shine out amongst the trees, they always make me smile.

Right so my card this week is a mixture of hand drawn and digital.  Not drawn by me this time though have to thank my mum for the daffodils because they are her drawings.  Coloured them in and scanned them into computer along with a background that I made with spritzed inks.  Then I digitally combined the two and added some ivy, a little bit of shading, some embellishment and the wording.

Donna xx



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12 responses to “Daffodils…

  1. So beautiful, Donna…such gorgeous Daffodils. Love your postcard.

  2. This is really lovely Donna…excellent postcard!

  3. Stunning card, Donna, your Mum is a wonderful artist, too!

  4. Beautiful layering and color Donna – a wonderful composition!

  5. Gorgeous work from you both! Wonderful card! xx

  6. love your postcard Donna!

  7. Debbie

    This card is sooo pretty! I love it!

  8. Wow,this card is stunning donna,ist soo pretty,i love it so much.

    Hugs Jeannette

  9. Beautiful card! I love Dafodills and I like your card!
    Nice composition too,

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