Classic Movies…..

… the theme that the very talented Kris D  has chosen for us at SPA this week.  So difficult to pick just one classic movie but eventually plumped for a real favourite of mine…….My Fair Lady.  Went digital again because I’ve been busy this week and digital is so much quicker!  I know…….. lazy!

Donna xx



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7 responses to “Classic Movies…..

  1. Wow, this is spectacular, Donna, love it!

  2. yasmindeboo

    Donna, have to agree with Judy – its Spectacular! I do so admire digital art!

  3. What a fabulous card, Donna! It could be a movie poster. Your digital work is superb!

  4. Wow I just watch this movie last night what an excellent choice…Gorgeous postcard beautiful collage!

  5. Bev

    I don’t think digital is lazy….just a different way of cutting and pasting. This is a beautiful piece, Donna!

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