Halloween ……..

……..’Octopode’ style.  Here’s my card for todays Octopode Factory’s Friday Challenge

Created the background and writing digitally then printed it out and collaged on the image then over stamped and doodled.

Donna xx



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7 responses to “Halloween ……..

  1. Love the overstamping on the digital background it adds so much dimension to the collaged Octopode factory image. What font is that? I ❤ it!! Great job and thanks for playing at TOFF 🙂

  2. I’m sorry I’m a dummy I didn’t mean to add the thank for playing bit to my comment there it was supposed to say…I’m happy to be working with you at TOFF 🙂

  3. tut tut Amy! lol on auto pilot me thinks. see i’m thinking it’s amy paper and gluestix and it’s amy paperflowers! lol

    great card donna.

  4. Donner??????????Sorry Donna

  5. This would be nice for printing. I mean for postcard!

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