With this ring…

….I thee wed.  The theme this week on SPA is ‘weddings’ inspired obviously by the Royal Wedding that we celebrated here in the UK a couple of days ago.

My card for this week is a family affair.  The couple featured are my paternal grandparents Sidney and Ethel on their wedding day in 1919.  The background is made up of some backing paper, a scan of their marriage certificate and some stamping and inking.

Donna xx



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17 responses to “With this ring…

  1. Wonderful inspiration piece!

  2. What a treasure you have created, Donna, like the touch of the certificate, too, wonderful card!

  3. A wonderful vintage postcard with great elements…just lovely Donna!!

  4. How wonderful to use your own ancestors….and their marriage certificate. Brilliant. xx

  5. Always lovely to see “real” family photos used. Beautiful vintage postcard.

  6. A really lovely postcard, Donna.

  7. It’s beautiful – I love the marriage certifcate in the background.

  8. Beautiful card! Love your background!

  9. A very lovely idea and very nicely done!

  10. Hella

    Lovely vintage card. Beautiful copple were your grandparents. Great idea with the marriage certificate at the background.

  11. it is always great to have a family photo to make a card with personal meaning… great with the marriage paper!

  12. dutchstamptramp

    Beautiful vintage postcard Donny extra special because you used a family photo

  13. I’m loving this one and it’s the best inspiration you could have given us!

  14. What a beautiful card! It’s sure to become a family heirloom.

  15. Very, very nice! I love your use of the actual documents- a real keepsake piece.

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