Our theme this week on Sunday Postcard Art has been picked by Kris D and she chose Illusions.  After wondering for awhile what I could do on my postcard for this week I remembered an optical illusion that I’d seen in a magazine once……a picture that could be seen as two different creatures… stamped myself up a background and scribbled up a drawing ……

So duck or rabbit?

Donna xx



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20 responses to “Illusion

  1. Bev

    Well, personally I think it’s a dabbit or a ruck! Very clever optical illusion!! Well done.

  2. very clever. i was looking at this rabbit duck pic the other day!

  3. this is great! love the bunny!

  4. Totally brilliant Donna! BRAVO!

  5. I don’t know…are you sure the right end is up??? Very cute Donna and a great illusion…and a great job!!

  6. This is so great, Donna. All we need for illusion 2 is the hat!! Excellent.

  7. The perfect illusion, Donna, awesome card!

  8. A wonderful illusion! Love it.xx

  9. audrey

    HIHI, so clever. Love it!!

  10. Beautiful Nice colours (spring)

  11. Such a pretty card. 🙂 Love the bunny!

  12. yasmindeboo

    Super postcard Donna and love the image.

  13. Ha! This made me smile as the duckie came int view! Great background and coloring too!

  14. Oooh, that is SO COOL! I love it – and had fun showing my 5-year-old, thank you ;0 xo

  15. lol, how cool!! took me a few seconds to see the duck 🙂 Love your take on the theme!!

  16. Very clever – I couldn’t see the duck bit until you said it – great take x

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