Hobbies and Pastimes

We are joined by Joanne Wardle this week on Sunday Postcard Art this week and her theme for the week is ‘Hobbies and Pastimes’.  I did consider just taking a picture of the table once I had finished creating as my entry….after all playing with ink and paint is my hobby…..but then decided that would definately be cheating! LOL!  So instead I just picked something that is a pastime for many people in the summer months (I prefer just watching!) and went for…….

Donna xx



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10 responses to “Hobbies and Pastimes

  1. Such an stunning creation! Beautifully presented

  2. love the colours on this Donna. you just watch?? tut tut miss D you should get out there! great card

  3. dutchstamptramp

    Beautiful postcard Donna!

  4. love this. it’s the random placement of the tennis balls that makes this so brilliant.

  5. E

    Beautiful card. I love the way you made it all look retro.

  6. Great image, wonderful postcard.

  7. Love it! She looks very confident! And the color scheme is lovely.

  8. Anne


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