What’s on your Wishlist?

This week on SPA we have Fatma as our guest artist and her choice of theme for us all is ‘Wishlist’.  Well I decided it was so close to the beginning of december and the countdown to christmas that I’d make my first christmassy postcard of the season……..this little character (from The Octopode Factory) doesn’t have that long a wishlist…….honestly!

Background is spritzed with spray inks, added the image, drew a few mistletoe sprigs as added detail and then added a bit of shading with coloured pencils and pens.

Donna xx



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11 responses to “What’s on your Wishlist?

  1. I just love it, Donna! Your work is always so amazing. I have to give it a Big Thumbs Up!

  2. Brilliant ‘Christmassy’ postcard, Donna!

  3. Such a cute postcard, my WISH would be to see what is in the boxes! Great presentation for this theme. Hugs, Gayle.

  4. Geez this looks like me after an hour of Christmas shopping…cute and funny and excellent work…Great postcard Donna !!

  5. So beautiful… Love your card.

  6. audrey

    Love your card…

  7. So funny – wonderful, Donna!

  8. Standing O from me Donna! Love your colourful card and cheery nature of this – it made me smile!

  9. Very nice – I love all of your artistic touches! Awesome card!

  10. ha ha ha – very cute. My wish list is really short, but expensive!

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