Twit twhoo….

…..its ‘OWLS’ this week for us over on Sunday Postcard Art hosted by Amy over on Paper and Gluestix

Well I had great plans this week, had scribbled a load of various fun owls but when it came down to it the week disappeared into overtime and things not going exactly to plan so it came down to me doing my postcard last night using the only one of my owls that head actually been coloured…..hey ho at least I have a stash of owls for future use! LOL!

Donna xx



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19 responses to “Twit twhoo….

  1. audrey

    Love your owl!! Can’t wait to see all those others, hihi…

  2. Oh Donna, he’s wonderful! I’m sure he’s glad you gave him such a nice tree to sit in too…

    Cindy 🙂

  3. barnie

    Such a wonderful postcard, love your owl.

  4. Donna, it’s wonderful. Great colours and a fantastic owl!

  5. What a beauty, Donna!

  6. Such an stunning creation, dear Donna! Beautifully presented!!

  7. Donna, what a cutie! The colouring is adorable too – clever you!

    BTW – doesn’t work just always get in the way?!!

  8. johanna

    sooo cute, love your card!!

  9. Bev

    Can they all be as adorable as this little guy??? What a personality. Great card!

  10. Doris

    He is super cute and the whole composition stunning. Great work!

  11. Beautiful postcard!!! I love the owl and all the colors.

  12. This is fabulous, but I think she’s a she, not a he lol x

  13. Oh how wonderful and full of personality!!

  14. yasmindeboo

    An adorable postcard; love your owl and gorgeous background.

  15. Stunning, what a great card!!

  16. amy

    yours is an adorable owl!!! Love those eye’s

  17. Fabulous poscard! Your owl is adorable!

  18. I love this!

    I said to someone else that we really need to have trades in this challenge! lol

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