Not a bit of ink or paper in sight….

……just some wool and a crochet hook.  Well as I mentioned a couple of posts ago I recently managed to teach myself to crochet, well whilst doing a bit of  surfing of all things crochet I came across ‘Amigurumi’ (small crocheted  animals/figures) and just had to have a go.  Found a free pattern Erika Hughes on her blog called Cast On it was for a little ‘Love Bunny‘ and thought I’d give it a go. Struggled a bit to start with as I hadn’t learnt to decrease and increase but after a bit of practice at that I set to work and here is my little love bunny………

 the pattern didn’t include a tail but I couldn’t have a bunny without a little white tail so I addded one…

 So that’s my first ever crocheted amigurumi and I have to admit to be ridiculously pleased with myself! I also have a feeling it won’t be long before my little bunny has some companions!

Donna xx



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2 responses to “Not a bit of ink or paper in sight….

  1. fantastic Donna. You must be SO proud of yourself for saying you couldn’t or rather refused to crochet lol a few weeks ago and now look at you! every day you are being hooky! what’s next?

    that is the cutest bunny ever!

  2. Your bunny is adorable 🙂

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