Is our theme on Sunday Postcard Art chosen this week by Hermine so here’s my little Ladybug for this weeks challenge 🙂

Donna xx



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26 responses to “Insects

  1. What a gorgeous ladybug! Donna, your artwork is always a joy and this one is special. Fantastic.

  2. Fabulous and funny ladybug, Donna!

  3. All kinds of creepy crawlers in this fun postcard Donna!

  4. Ha-ha! I LOVE THIS!!!

  5. and you wouldn’t want to argue with her, Donna, brilliant, bright & creative card!

  6. So witty & fun & zetti…love it friend!

  7. Fabulous art work,
    love the background

  8. Fabulous , Gorgeous piece.

  9. a typical “donna”… i so love your style!

  10. barnie

    A wonderful bug, great background.

  11. Absolutley gorgeous, and so awesome

  12. Sandy

    Really awesome.

  13. audrey

    Gorgous, love your lady!

  14. dutchstamptramp

    Oh what a perfect card again Donna!

  15. love your zetti ladybird 🙂

  16. Oh Donna, this is too much fun! I love your lady-bug!

    Cindy 🙂

  17. Absolutley gorgeous!!

  18. This is simply gorgeous and beautiful, dear Donna! Your bug-girl is exquisite. Bravo!

  19. Hella

    Haha love it. Very beautiful!

  20. Darling zetti ladybug Donna!

  21. You rock, Donna, what an awesome card!

  22. Your ladybug really makes me smile 😀

  23. LOL,This is fantastic,love it!!

  24. fab Donna i love this and you should def do a collage sheet with insect people on it! yay

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