Mirror, Mirror…….

…that’s the theme chosen by Julia for us this week on Sunday Postcard Art.  Must admit to start with I couldn’t come up with an idea but then I suddenly remembered an imageI had that would fit the theme. So inked and stamped up a background added the image, a bit of pencil work and…..

…..Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

Donna xx



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22 responses to “Mirror, Mirror…….

  1. Cute and fabulous card, Donna!

  2. Bev

    This is great!! What an adorable little kitty-cat!

  3. So sweet…great imagery. Love your card.

  4. Oh my gosh–how precious!!! It is totally endearing and fabulous mirror image!!!

  5. What a sweet, sweet card, Donna!

  6. audrey

    So sweet, hihi..

  7. johanna

    of course she is the custest!! by far!!
    love this postcard!

  8. johanna

    well, take away one “s”…

  9. Love your postcard, Donna and that image is just adorable!

  10. Definitely cute! Great piece, Donna.

  11. have a little snile in my face …
    of cours herself is the cutest one!!!
    great playing!!!

  12. love your mirror mirror

  13. Fantastic use of colors and the whole piece is a feast to look at!

  14. barnie

    Very cute, it’s fantastic.

  15. Gorgeous postcard; love the background and colours too.

  16. taluula

    Oh Donna this is so cute.

  17. amy

    aw, really sweet!! pretty colors

  18. Fantastic card Donna – definitely the cutest of them all!

    Cindy 🙂

  19. Oh my so adorable kitty,,,,,,,I love it,,,,,,,congratulations…

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