Oriental meets Zetti…..

….this week on Sunday Postcard Art our theme is ‘Oriental’.  I decided to have a bit of fun so used some images from my oriental zetti sheet….

The background was done with childrens blow pens, then stamped, images added, bit more stamping and some pen and pencil work to finish.

Donna xx



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21 responses to “Oriental meets Zetti…..

  1. love it, great postcard!!

  2. Fantastic postcard, love it!

  3. clever and very unique!!! love it!!!

  4. Bev

    Fun postcard! Love the all-seeing eye!

  5. Fun take on the theme, Donna!

  6. This is so terrific…love your postcard!!

  7. Very creative postcard !

  8. Made me laugh I love it heaps.

  9. This was a great one. Love that you did something a little different and creative.

  10. Donna, this is fantastic! I love everything about it – your colours, the great flag border at the top, and perhaps most of all that big eye! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Cindy 🙂

  11. danisart

    fantastic work – absolut great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Love your Zetti-Asian-Girl, Donna! Stunning work.

  13. taluula

    Great take on the theme.

  14. You are so original Donna! I’ve gotta go look at that Zetti sheet now… and I did laugh!! =D

  15. Asian Zetti, I LOVE this! – Kris

  16. Lots of work on this one, and it shows! Love your imagination.

  17. yasmindeboo

    Love it; you have such wonderful creative ideas.

  18. Such fun you have made of this! Love it!

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