Came across a new challenge blog…..

…..well a new one for me anyway!  Think it’s been going for a few months now, it’s called Darkness Inspiration and as the name suggests is for dark/spooky/halloween/sinister type art. Anyway the theme this week is ‘Scary Clowns’……….couldn’t resist having a play with that theme, so made a set of three atc’s…….be warned these are not your fun type of clowns they are the clowns of your nightmares……….

Donna xx



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8 responses to “Came across a new challenge blog…..

  1. these are so scary! im glad you didnt show me them last night before bed! lol

  2. I always thought clowns were a bit scary anyway – this confirms it! Now you’ve got me thinking about Stephen King’s ‘IT’. Nice work though!

  3. Scary and fantastic ATC`s ! Love the crackle background. Wonderful!!!

  4. Wonderful! Don’t you slways wonder whath they look like WITHOUT make-up?

  5. Phoebe

    Very scary and impressive–bravo!

  6. Elizabeth Harms

    These are awesome Donna and they make me smile. Hows that………. LOL

  7. Oh Donna! I love these! They are so scary! Wow!

  8. aislingfaery

    Your atc’s are lovely! I mean, lovely isn’t exactly the right word, but if you adore scary things just like me, they ARE lovely!

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