That’s our theme this week on Sunday Postcard Art . 

Here’s my offering for this week, have no idea why I used Charlie Chaplins head on my little zetti character except I was trying out various heads and I liked his the best!

Donna xx



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35 responses to “Time

  1. Charlie Chaplin is the perfect choice, Donna, love his wings – outstanding card!

  2. Love your Charlie! He is ‘timeless’…great card.

  3. Wonderful piece- Chaplin is a perfect image to portray this theme- Beautiful postcard Donna!

  4. Great sample, Donna! Love your Charlie.

  5. Beautiful card, love the use of Charlie!

  6. Loce this wok, fun and great!

  7. Bev

    Isn’t it funny how these composite characters seem to take on a persona of their own? I love to construct them, and I love your Chaplin time! Great card!

  8. love your “tick tock” art! beautiful creation!

  9. Amy

    charlie is the coolest..love his pants! Very neat

  10. Wonderful whimsical card Donna – I always love your style!

    Cindy 🙂

  11. audrey meijs

    Gorgeous sample!

  12. Love your zetti-legged Charlie, Donna 🙂

  13. oh, this piece is fabulous!!! I love how the clocks hang down as if coming off of the frame…gorgeous!

  14. Fantastic! I love the colours and charlies head and hat

  15. Your Zetti-Charlie is fantastic!

  16. Wonderful time card, love Charlie Chaplin he is so “timeless” and he fits perfect.

  17. Absolutely gorgeous. So inspiring!

  18. Love everything about your postcard Donna, brilliant once again!

  19. Wonderful card, love the Zettistyle

  20. Hi Donna, what a fun and wonderful zetti card you have created.

  21. I adore this magical piece Donna! BRAVO!

  22. This is AWESOME!! I love it!!! Gorgeous Chaplin Time!! What a wonderful piece!!


  23. adorable & whimsical,,,,love it

  24. Wonderful…simply wonderful!

  25. Take a bow, Donna; (I’m applauding) this example piece is superb and inspiring! Your composition of images is so original and the background is wonderful too. Standing ovation!

  26. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  27. Once again you have done a great job. Love your Charlie!

  28. YES! Time goes by but some heroes will stay in our minds. Great card!

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