Thats our theme this week on Sunday Postcard Art and it’s been picked for us this week by Anne Swinkels.

Went for a bit of a vintage feel this week, the swirls are actually embossed in gold and look much better in real life but it didn’t seem to matter if I scanned it or photographed it couldn’t get the stupid thing to show properly!

Donna xx



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31 responses to “Windows

  1. Bev

    Scanned or photographed, it’s a lovely piece. I love the aged feeling of the background. Well done!

  2. A beautiful piece Donna – I love the light rays coming through – wonderful effects and composition!

  3. Perfect in every way and so, so beautiful!

  4. Anne

    Ooooooooo Donna. This is a gorgeous Postcard

  5. audrey meijs

    Gorgeous Donna!

  6. Sandy

    Oh wow this is gorgeous.
    Fantastic card.

  7. A beautiful, tranquil card.

  8. Fabulous card, Donna!!@

  9. Wow Donna, this is stunning!

    Cindy 🙂

  10. Terrific postcard, Donna! Beautifully created!

  11. donna – your card is simply STUNNINH and GORGEOUS. love the feeling in this work.

  12. It’s beautiful, Donna – I love the background and how the rays of sun are filtering from the window.

  13. gaily2

    Beautiful – love the light coming from the window.

  14. Wonderful piece of art!! love the design and the feeling it has to it!! Brilliant!!


  15. taluula

    Simply gorgeous Donna.

  16. This card is simpy wonderful. Love all the little details, especially the light rays coming through.
    Great job, Donna!

  17. barnie

    I’m missing words, such a beautiful postcard.

  18. Very lovely! Love the vintage feel and the window is great. Cheers!

  19. Ohh you make the light fall in!! Awesome!!

  20. What a beautiful, beautiful card Donna!

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