Is our theme this week on Sunday Postcard Art  chosen for us by Hermine.  Now I was thinking……crackle, fire, fireworks………BUT ……..then I took the easy route and just used a crackle stamp on the background and picked out an image I liked! Dreadful eh! Anyway here’s my simple  offering for this week……


Image from Collage Anonymous

Donna xx



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17 responses to “Crackle

  1. Beautiful postcard, Donna!

  2. Sweet! Lovely girl and nice background!

  3. Beautiful postcard – this is a wonderful creative challenge!

  4. Delightful card, Donna!

  5. Bev

    May have been the easy way out, but it’s lovely! It doesn’t look easy!

  6. Bev

    There are some things digital does not do well. I used a crackle filter on this background to some effect, but it is not as “crackly” as I would have liked!

  7. Anne

    Simple but effective. Lovely postcard, Donna

  8. Great postcard, love the image

  9. Lovely work Donna, the background and colours are great.

  10. Lol! What a joyful card! 😀

  11. Wonderful crackle…gorgeous art piece!!

  12. Beautiful postcard Donna! The colors are gorgeous.

  13. Gorgeous card Donna!

    Cindy 🙂

  14. Beautiful postcard, Donna!

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