Skulls and Skullies

Thats our theme this week on Sunday Postcard Art.  Was determined not to do somethin with too much of a halloween theme…….but …….I failed!! LOL!

Here’s my card for this week…


Donna xx



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24 responses to “Skulls and Skullies

  1. Brilliant card, Donna, you set some great challenges!

  2. Now that is a skeleton ready for an evening out – fantastic postcard Donna!

  3. Bev

    Oh my gosh! This guy is steppin’ out! Love the soft blue background; very effective with the bats. Nice work!

  4. A very creative and well done card

  5. Fantastic….love this card!!

  6. fatmasplace

    he fits perfectly

  7. audrey meijs

    Great job!!

  8. Your cards are always a delight to see, Donna. This is fantastic! What a great inspiration piece!

  9. excellent work Donna! Do i recognise those stamps?? lol

  10. The boy is really creepy ^^ I love it, nice work!!

  11. Mixed media at its very best – love the vibrant colors, the pumpkin, the moon and of course the quirky skeleton friend. Beautiful art!

  12. Donna, your card is fantastic! I love this dapper guy. Your background is great too – everything works together perfectly.

    Cindy 🙂

  13. ewwww….great piece! lol

  14. What a dapper dead dude! Fantastic postcard!

  15. Fabulous setting for this spooky guy! Cheers!

  16. a really beautifully done card~!~ i love the blue background and that enormous moon~!!~as well as your dressed to impress skelly~!!~


  17. I am so far behind on blogs and so embarrassed about it and here I am, finally, tonight and there are so many perfectly luscious things to see on your blog! Fish even! Oh, my head is spinning with all of your lovely work. I can’t be so long between visits!

  18. Wow, what a guy!! Great job! LynnF

  19. I love it, I love it, I love it, what a fantastic card.

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