….is our theme on Sunday Postcard Art this week.  Here are a couple from me ….

Lesson Time

Learn Something New

Donna xx



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20 responses to “School…..

  1. Fabulous cards, Donna, today’s students are more likely to carry lap-tops & wear iPod ear-phones but are they any happier!

  2. this is just adorable! i love your quote and we should all practice that every day!!!

  3. Really cute postcards Donna- both are really beautifully made!

  4. Donna, your postcards are wonderful. I love the bunny school and the little girl with her slate. I am old enough to remember having a cloth bag filled with shiny, lacquered broad beans for counting! I thought they were the coolest thing ever. In spite of rumours to the contrary, I never had a slate!! As Judy mentions, today it is all about laptops and iPods.
    I love Blogland. It is the place where our imaginations can take us anywhere, especially back to earlier and happier days.

  5. Bev

    Wonderful cards, Donna. The little scholar with her wise quote is my favorite. School was always a magic place for me. I still love the smell of books….new OR old!

  6. Both are absolutely gorgeous

  7. audrey meijs

    Love them both!

  8. Donna, both cards are so fantastic and sweet! Beautifully created!

  9. both are beautiful !! love them!

  10. Hella

    These are beautiful and cute!

  11. Love both cards – The kitties and little girl are adorable!!!

  12. Both cards are perfect for the theme yet so different! Love the little girl.

  13. love the learn something new every day card~!!~ she’s such a cutey and the composition and colors in the card are irrisistable too~!!~


  14. that top one is uber cute! love it along with the second one. WD missus! you should flickr them!

  15. dutchstamptramp

    what a fabulous cards Donna, love the images you used

  16. Your postcards are just so darling…well done, the colors and images are perfect. Bravo!!! LynnF

  17. Love them both but Little Miss Mischief looks like somebody I know!

  18. those are great. i love the cat + mice! i almost used the same image you used for the 2nd one!

  19. Donna, your cards are both fabulous – so different from each other but each wonderful in its own right. The cats and rabbits are so precious!

    Cindy 🙂

  20. Deirdre

    I love your bunny teacher!!! So sweet and well put together!

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