That’s our theme this week on Sunday Postcard Art.  Here’s my little bingo girl….


Donna xx



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22 responses to “Bingo!

  1. Wonderful card, Donna!

  2. Beautiful soft pink and expressive image- wonderful postcard Donna!

  3. Such a cute card, very creative.

  4. Absolutely adorable and pretty in pink too! Donna, this little one is precious, and those roses . . . Oh, My! Beautiful! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. Awww. Isn’t she all pink and sweet? Who could turn her down!

  6. rosanna67

    So beautiful, dreamy and candy for the eyes. I love it.

  7. Lovely vintage card! 🙂

  8. audrey meijs


  9. That image is one of my favorites — love her surrounded by the roses.
    Great bingo postcard.

  10. I love the soft pink and the flowers. Just beautiful!

  11. I’ve always loved children in clown costumes, and this little one makes a precious postcard!

  12. ooo she is soo sweet!!! great card!

  13. Absolutely adorable!!! Love the PINK!

  14. I love all the elements of this collage – it’s gorgeous!

  15. Beautiful card, Donna! Love the elements, the color and the way you put it all together into a perfect card! LynnF

  16. She is very sweet Donna! Very nice composition.

    Cindy 🙂

  17. So soft, sweet, precious and delicious! Lovely work!

  18. Oh how adorable!! very sweet!!!


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