Challenged to try something new!

This week on Sunday Postcard Art we have the talented Audrey Hernandez joining us as guest artist and she picked the theme of ‘FABRIC’.

Well to start with I was just going to do my usual thing and add a bit of ribbon but then I decided to try something I’ve never done before, a complete fabric collage.  So no paper or glue this time, just fabric and stitching and a few buttons; oh and a little bit of stamping on the background fabric and for the wording.


I actually had a lot of fun making this so might just do some more things with fabric collage.

Donna xx


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31 responses to “Challenged to try something new!

  1. Lovely colours, gorgeous card, Donna!

  2. What a great piece, Donna!

  3. How beautiful for a first fabric collage effort. I’m impressed! Well done!

  4. Donna, your fabric collage is absolutely outstanding! If this is a first effort, I’d love to see more!!!! Gorgeous! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. Such a wonderfully sweet piece!

  6. Love the touch of green – such sweet ,beautiful elements in this fabric card!

  7. Oh how beautiful Donna! You are very talented!

  8. Absolutely beautiful!! Love this card.

  9. Audrey Meijs

    Lovely job!

  10. fatmasplace

    it was really a challenge. beautiful sewing, donna

  11. I love your fabric card and the image is exquisite. Wonderful work, Donna.

  12. Beautiful artwork Donna!!

  13. Sandy

    Wow this is fantastic.
    Wonderful fabric work.

  14. tinasflickwerk

    It´s great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. What a great postcard! Can’t be your first time working with the postcard and fabric…it’s done so well!

  16. astridchristine

    This is stunning, love it!

  17. yasmindeboo

    It is a stunning postcard; gorgeous fabric collage, i love it.

  18. This is so sweet! Love the image of the little girl!

  19. Yvonne

    This is sooooo precious!

  20. like this very vintage

  21. Lynn Stevens

    simply Gorgeous!

  22. So pretty, Donna! It has a great shabby chic look.

  23. Kaz

    this is gorgeous, I love that shade of green, really fresh. beautiful image too. love it!

  24. Donna…this is gorgeous. Love the lacey fabric behind the image. the colors are so soft and pretty 🙂

  25. Hello my friend! I have been away too long, and you’ve gotten so many comments, I’m not sure you’ll find my little voice here, but I just wanted to tell you what a joy it was this evening to visit all of your beautiful work and get caught up on my inspiration from you. My mouth just hangs open between long sighs of admiration. You are so talented Donna!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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