Rock A Bye Baby….

…my entry for our challenge this week on Sunday Postcard Art where Audrey has picked the theme of ‘Nests’



Donna xx



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25 responses to “Rock A Bye Baby….

  1. What a lovely nest, Donna!

  2. What a sweetie, Donna, amazing background, great card!
    (love the Madeleine Peyroux music on your other blog!)

  3. I like your nest,but I really like the little ‘birdie’ that’s in it, too! Great work!

  4. Such a pretty nest with an adorable little “bird”! What a darling piece, Donna! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. Gorgeous colors- Wow and what a lovely image – a truly beautiful postcard Donna!

  6. Such sweet images and I’m crazy for the vibrant colors! Beautiful all around.

  7. Very nice. I love the colors and the little one.

  8. fatmasplace

    i really love these colors

  9. Very beautiful postcard Donna.

  10. Gorgeous, great colours, so vibrant

  11. Sandy

    Wow this is perfect.
    Really lovely postcard.

  12. Audrey Meijs

    Love the colors, the nest, the little one just everything!

  13. Gorgeous, great colours!!

  14. What a brilliant vibrant work. Fantastic colours and designs.

  15. Terrific postcard, beautifully created!

  16. What a sweet little postcard!!!

  17. Its gorgeous; wonderful idea of the nest swing and also love the colours.

  18. your card is wonderful Donna, a nest swing! that is brilliant!

  19. Beautiful nest, and I love the vibrant colours you’ve used!!


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