Over the Rainbow……

…..is the theme chosen for us by Fatma on Sunday Postcard Art this week.  I started out thinking of doing a thoughtful kind of card, thinking of the words to the song ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ but nothing seemed to work so ended up going for rainbow colours.

I’ve made two this week. The first is a hand drawn rather zany rainbow bird on a background done with childrens blow pens! ( I tell you if anyone could have seen me and Mandy making these backgrounds the other week when I went over to see her they would have died laughing!)

Over the Rainbow

 The second postcard is a bit different for me, been playing and experimenting with digital art recently so here’s a digital postcard…..

Live life in technicolour (1350 x 900)

Donna xx



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27 responses to “Over the Rainbow……

  1. Both postcards are great but the first one is my favourite, Donna!

  2. Wow! You have blown me away with colour. Both cards are stunning, Donna. I love the birdie and I love your fantastic digital card. Great work.

  3. I’m torn between the two! The first is a hoot, and I wish I’d been there with you and Mandy. The second is a gorgeous bit of humor and color. Well done indeed! Love those clown shoes.

  4. Wow- both cards are fantastic and different! I love the longing in the little bird and your digital work is super!

  5. Wow! Both cards are wonderful!

  6. Your cards are gorgeous…terrific images!

  7. WOW, Donna, love your bright cheerful cards, great theme as always!

  8. fatmasplace

    i love both, they are so full of rainbow colors. fantastic

  9. Both cards are fantastic!

  10. Both are fantastic, I LOVE the bird!!!!

  11. Audrey Meijs

    LOVE your drawn bird!

  12. I find both of these pieces very powerful and moving. Wel done, Donna.

  13. Sandy

    Wow these are lovely.
    Gorgeous cards.

  14. Both cards are really lovely!

  15. Both of these are great, Donna! I like the words too.

  16. oh wow both are beautiful, I just love that bird!!

  17. yasmindeboo

    Both postcards are gorgeous; i too just love the bird and ofcourse the super rainbow Zetti Swirl!!

  18. Absolutely love them both! I have to wait for my little one to wake before I go to my studio and start making noise. But you’ve definitely inspired me! Thanks!

  19. sue

    These are both fantastic, can’t pick a favourite x

  20. These are both great,love the birdy.

  21. love, love, love that bird!!

  22. Donna, both cards are brilliant! In design and color…but that bird is beyond cute! What a great drawing! Great work, truly!

  23. wonderful entries…. i like the birdie best 😀

  24. You are so darn good! Both are so different and so perfect. You gave me a great color fix too! I love color and you use it so well and with enthusiasm and I adore it! I used the word “so” way too many times but it’s hard not to do with you! You are SO talented!

  25. These are both really fun — the bird is precious!

  26. Gotta say I LOVE your birdie!!! it so cute and strange and teriffic!! Well done! 🙂

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