My first ever ….

….digital atc! Made for Art Creations Friday. not much of the image left that we had to use just her little face in the centre of the flower!

flower girl atc

Donna xx



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6 responses to “My first ever ….

  1. fabulous ~ is it all digital?

  2. Donna

    Yes all digital. Scan of a handmade background, then digitally collaged together the head with the flower then the body, legs, wings etc. Then added the leaves and flowers to finish.

  3. Looks great, so vibrant.

  4. Looks great. Lovely colours.


  5. Well, when I commented on this on your flickr the other day, I had no idea I would be trying out digital collage this week for the first time too. I had to out of sincere boredom without any art supplies for over 2 weeks. Anyway, it is harder than I thought now that I’ve tried it so I am even MORE impressed with your lovely collage. You know how to do a lot of things I don’t and this is so pretty! Well done!

  6. Nice job on your first try! Love the face in the flower.

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