It’s our birthday this weekend……

…..on Sunday Postcard Art.

Mandy and I first launched SPA at the begining of June last year so we’ll be one year old on the 1st of June!  Can’t believe a year has gone by, it’s been so much fun and there has been so much glorious art created by all our wonderful friends who join us each week.

So with it being such a special week we had no choice but to pick ‘Happy Birthday’ as the theme, now what would a birthday be without cake…….

Anyone want birthday cake

The background of this was done with twinkling H2O’s painted over a stamped background, with collage images from Flickr and Digital Collage Sheets.

Be sure to check out SPA this week because there is a special birthday giveaway.

Donna xx



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30 responses to “It’s our birthday this weekend……

  1. Pure birthday magic! 🙂

  2. What a adorable and fabulous postcard! Congrats, Donna!

  3. Awwww! How beautiful! Wonderful postcard, Donna. Congratulations to you and Donna on your first year. You run a fantastic challenge.

  4. This is adorable! Congratulations to you and Mandy on the one-year mark for your challenge site. I look forward to this challenge every week.

  5. Anne

    Congrats, Donna!Wonderful postcard!!

  6. Oh, doncha just want to pinch those chubby cheeks?!?! Great card. Congrats on the anniversary!

  7. Donna, Happy, Happy Birthday! Thanks for making so many of us Happy! Your Birthday card is absolutely adorable! Birthday Blessings & Hugs, Terri

  8. So precious and colorful Donna! I admire your artwork very much! Thank you for a wonderful year of sharing and inspiration! Congratulations to you and Mandy on your great success with SPA!
    I thought there should be cake too 😉

  9. Absolutely gorgeous, Donna, love this challenge site, thanks for a year of art!

  10. Congrats Donna!
    sweet birthday card!

  11. fatmasplace

    congrats, donna. i´m looking forward to your challenges next year. your postcard is very sweet;)

  12. Congratulations Donna and your card is fabulous as always.

  13. Audrey Meijs

    Congratulations Donna!
    Love your postcard!

  14. Sandy

    OMG this is really sweet card.
    Gorgeous design. Lovely.

  15. Congrats, Donna!
    Very beautiful postcard!!

  16. i love it Donna! arent those backgrounds coming in handy? lol

    here’s to another great year on SPA

  17. Congratulations Mandy and Donna on the one-year mark for your challenge site! I look forward to this challenge every week. I’ve only been blogging since March, shortly after I found your site. Everyone’s work is creative and inspiring for me. I look at all of the posts and leave comments where I’m able to, although I’m having problems doing that on some sites. My postcard is on my blog at

    Thanks for looking.

  18. Oh, sorry, Donna, I meant to post that on the Sunday Postcard Art site. I guess I need more coffee.

  19. She is just a little birthday dumpling! So sweet….wonderful postcard!

  20. Yvonne

    Adorable! Thanks for this wonderful challenge site.

  21. Your postcard is adorable and always inspiring. Congratulations and continued success with SPA!

  22. your postcard is wonderful!
    happy birthday and many creative ideas for the coming year!

  23. Donna, this is the most adorable postcard…the colors, the images, everything! It’s just perfect! Bravo! Blow out the candles, cut the cake, CELEBRATE!

  24. ellen

    congratulations and what a lovely card to celebrate. gorgeous colours and stamping. something I’ve never done stamped and then H2O on top must try it out.
    love the birdies on top of the swirls

  25. yasmindeboo

    Gorgeous, love your ideas. Congratulations and thank you hosting the challenges.

  26. What a beautiful little postcard!!! Lovely background colors too.

    Thank you Donna (and Mandy) for hosting these wonderful and fun challenges.

  27. ooo your card is really sweet ~n~ cute!!! thanks for all the great inspirations!!!


  28. Happy Birthday to you! this is precious. I love the little pink birds peeking at the cupcake baby. 🙂

  29. Great challenge blog! I’ve only joined in recently but it’s such fun. Here’s to many more challenges!!
    Ali xx

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