Alice in Wonderland…..

….is our theme this week on Sunday Postcard Art

Really struggled to get a decent picture of my one for this week, the background was made using the same paints I mentioned in the previous post but this time a mixture of pink, orange, green and yellow.  In real life it has the most wonderful glow to it almost like there’s a light behind ……..but can’t capture that on screen…..most annoying!!


The image was drawn, coloured, scanned and redused in size and then recoloured in parts before adding it to the background then the borders and twirly branches were added with sharpie pens and coloured pencils.

Donna xx



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28 responses to “Alice in Wonderland…..

  1. What a great sample, Donna. Love it!

  2. yasmindeboo

    A gorgeous postcard; i love it.

  3. This is wonderful whimsical Alice in Blue stripey socks! Love it.

  4. Sandy

    Wow this is brilliant.
    Wonderful card. Love the Alice.

  5. great postcard! your images are wonderful!

  6. dutchstamptramp

    What a fabulous colourful card. I love what you did with this theme

  7. Adorable! Beautiful “Alice” art.

  8. fatmasplace

    wonderful drawing, the colors are so soft, i love it

  9. Audrey Meijs

    Gorgeous Donna!

  10. Fabulous, this is so stunning

  11. danisart

    i love your card – is all i can say

  12. So creative, artistic, clever, colorful, stunning, fantastic and wonderful!

  13. Your postcard looks great! It’s stunning!

  14. Enchanting postcard!

  15. This is absolutely awesome! I love every detail! The colours are completely amazing. Fantastic art in every way!!!

  16. Such a beautiful inspiration. Love the colors of this,and the image is adorable.

  17. Wonderful sample – a sort of Zetti Alice!
    Ali xx

  18. Clau

    Stunning work!

  19. You outdid yourself!!! Love the colors and concept.

  20. Your Alce postcard is absolutely stunning! I love the colurs and how you drew it. Your Alice is beautiful!!!

  21. Lovely, lovely work! I love the little indent her tiny little feet made in the mushroom – that is the kind of detail you add that I just adore along with your colors and expressive quality. Beautiful!

  22. you drew this? it’s awesome! I love it Donna, such a fabulous Alice

  23. Would love to see this is “real life”! It’s very vibrant and such a clever composition!

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