Black and White….

….is the theme chosen by Anne for us this week on SundayPostcard Art.  Here’s mine for this week….


Legs and boots are printed out but all the rest is handdrawn or doodled.

Donna xx



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37 responses to “Black and White….

  1. Fantastic postcard, Donna!

  2. I love this! Great job!!! I’ve got that song playing in my head now lol haha!

    have a great weekend!

  3. What fun postcard!! Love it!

  4. great stripey legs! lol great pc

  5. Fantastic! Love those legs.

  6. You bring your own special style to black and white! I do so enjoy your work.

  7. Well done! Such a fun card – I love it!

  8. great postcard! love the image and the quote is perfect!

  9. Great Postcard Donna!!!!

  10. brilliant Donna, such a great postcard!

  11. Audrey Meijs

    Gorgeous, love it!

  12. This is just great! You are a very talented doodler! I could never do this!

  13. fatmasplace


  14. Sandy

    Wow stunning card.
    Love the striped leggs.

  15. Angela Sturm

    Cool postcard !

  16. Great postcard !
    Love the stripey legs.

  17. Fantastic striped legs.
    Great….love them.

  18. Wow, your drawing and doodles are fantastic! This made me chuckle too. I like that saying.

  19. Creative and fun B&W postcard!

  20. great song, great legs, great card!!!!!

  21. yasmindeboo

    Brilliant ideas; love it.

  22. Looks absolutely great, love it.

  23. This is so adorable,so retro looking. Love it.

  24. I love the humour in this delightful postcard.

  25. Superb Donna. I wish I had legs like that!
    Ali xx

  26. dutchstamptramp

    What a fabulous card again Donna!

  27. Oh what a lovely card!

  28. Awesome!! I love the striped legs and those boots..marvelous!

  29. Fabulous Donna! Love it

  30. Love those legs!!! What a fantastic and creative card!

  31. yogiemp

    Very nice. Love your interpretation

  32. Love the doodles and the striped legs! Superb!

  33. Hi again! I left something for you on my blog. Be sure to read to the bottom of the “I’m a lucky girl” post. Enjoy.

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