Audrey Hernandez is our guest artist this week on Sunday Postcard Art and she picked the theme of butterflies. Here’s my offering for this week…..



Donna xx



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42 responses to “Butterflies

  1. WOW!!! This is totally stunning! The most amazing imagery and colours. I really, really love your butterflies Donna! Beautifully designed and executed! Fantastic art!!!!!!

  2. maralynn

    This is a wonderful card with bright colours. The head with the butterflies is a good idea

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Donna! Love your butterfly lady!!!

  4. yasmindeboo

    Wow! Stunning, i love everything about it.

  5. Oh WOW! Love the bright colors, and the unique approach!

  6. I love this – the colors are gorgeous! Very creative!!

  7. Wow! This one takes my breath away. It is so beautiful and creative and artistic. Congratulations.

  8. Fascinating art….so creative. Love it!

  9. Sandy

    Wow this is stunning.
    Brilliant card.

  10. fatmasplace

    she is wonderful

  11. Absolutely gorgeous Donna!!

  12. deb

    Love it Donna, so beautiful.

  13. Gorgeous postcard donna. Thats a bit how my head feels most of the time.

  14. This is fantastic! What a great inspiration piece!

  15. Brilliant idea.


  16. A triumph delux! Absolutely fabulous! – Kris

  17. Ohhhh I love your postcard. Very unique and beautiful.

  18. Oh my! This is real eye candy! Wonderfully imaginative and beautifully executed!

  19. Wonderful card – this is gorgeous!

  20. Wow! Fantastic colors and images!

  21. Donna…this is so unique and gorgeous. Love her face and all the butterflies 🙂

  22. I love everything about this. It’s a great idea and the colours are beautiful 🙂

  23. Very fragile and pretty!!!

  24. oo this is fantastic! perfectly delightful…i have to look again!

  25. It is so very beautiful, Donna! Wow and a sigh! I could just stare at her forever. Lovely, lovely work!

  26. Joan Marie

    The composition is fantastic! Great creation and imagination Rachel! I love this one! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Joan Marie

    OOPS! Sorry about that Donna! I guess I’ve looked over too many in one morning and got confused! I guess it’s telling me I should be sleeping instead. ; ) Please forgive me for that oopsie!

  28. Your butterfly lady is gorgeous. Very unique. Love the vibrant colors!
    Gaby xo

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