It’s Mother’s Day…..

… we had to pick mothers as a theme for this week on Sunday Postcard Art.  It was my turn to do the sample this week and as soon as I saw this cheeky chappy on a collage sheet from Cassi’s Creations on Etsy I just knew that I had to use him!


Of course this wasn’t suitable for me to give to my mum so here’s the postcard I made for her…….more traditional and vintage in feel…..


Donna xx



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24 responses to “It’s Mother’s Day…..

  1. What scrumptious cards!! Fantastic artwork.

  2. Gorgeous Cards, Donna!!

  3. Both cards are wonderful, each in their own special way! Lucky Mum of yours to get a precious one of a kind card from you! 🙂

  4. These cards are adorable…so beautiful!

  5. fatmasplace

    i really love your pin-up more than the “normal” card.

  6. Both cards are wonderful Donna!!

  7. Audrey Meijs

    Both are great!

  8. both are really beautiful!!!

  9. Two great cards!! Beautiful!

  10. Both cards a very beautiful!!!
    The second one is my favourite.

  11. The first one is adorable! I like the vintage look of the second one, too. Both are well done.

  12. lol great postcards. Hope your mum likes your postcard for her

  13. Both are so different — and so wonderfully done!
    Great postcards1

  14. Hella

    Wow they are both beautiful.
    So different, but both special in their own way.

  15. Oh, what a beautiful postcard.

  16. Great postcards!!! They are beautiful!!!!!

  17. they’re both great!

  18. Adorable images. Happy cards!

  19. yasmindeboo

    Both are wonderful; the first one made me smile.

  20. Both are lovely, Donna! The first one made me giggle, how funny! Thanks for the link to the collage images — always on the lookout for new images to use.

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