Words of Wisdom….

….is our theme this week on Sunday Postcard Art chosen by the very talented FiDOArt.

So here’s mine for this week..


Donna xx



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27 responses to “Words of Wisdom….

  1. Love both the words and the design!

  2. Truly, truly words of wisdom, and beautifully presented. Good work.

  3. Great quote and wonderful collage.

  4. Great quote, great card! Terrific!

  5. Sandy

    Wow stunning card.
    Looks great.

  6. fatmasplace


  7. Audrey Meijs


  8. great postcard!! love the quote!

  9. I like your design and your quote.

  10. Great, great, great card!!

  11. Fantastic art! Absolutely love it!

  12. Love your card and your great quote

  13. Great quote and wonderful collage!!

  14. Wonderful postcard and quote!

  15. A very nice and extraordinary mixed card.

  16. Wow this is such a beautiful collage. Great colors.

  17. Love your postcard, SO cool AND a brilliant message too!

  18. Fabulous postcard 🙂

  19. fabulous bright and vibrant piece

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