Fruit and vegetables….

….is the theme on Make a Moo or two this week.  Saw that this was the upcoming theme in the middle of last week and immediately thought of some images I had found on flickr and just had to use them……


 Donna xx



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14 responses to “Fruit and vegetables….

  1. I’m smiling at how clever you are! Great idea.

  2. Sandy

    Wow these are fantastic.
    Stunning moo´s.

  3. Fabulous Moos. Luv the backgrounds, the images are such fun & your words made me smile :o)

  4. Absolutely fantastic!!

  5. The images are priceless – and perfect for the challenge. Absolutely superb. Take a bow.

  6. These are absoloutely fabulous! I love the pickle one…need to blow it up and hang it on my wall…so much fun!


  7. You put a smile on my face! So cute.

  8. These are great! Love them both!

  9. Great Moos – really made me smile!

  10. Great Moos! Love them.

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