Eggs, nests or birds….

… the theme on Theme Thursday this week so I made this postcard.  The background is a mixture of inks rubbed directly onto the card with a variety of stamped bits and bobs for added interest, then some added bird and egg images and then finished off with a mixture of pens and pencils.


This is along the same lines as a set of atc’s I made last week, was pleased with how they worked so thought I’d do a larger version……here are the atc’s

take-flight nesting

fly-bird bird

Donna xx



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12 responses to “Eggs, nests or birds….

  1. I love birds 🙂 Your cards are fantastic!

  2. so gorgeous, they have a dream like quality

  3. all are beautiful! love the colors you used!

  4. Sandy

    Wow these are all incredible.
    So wonderful work. Love them all.

  5. So beautiful. The colours are amazing.

  6. Fabulous postcard AND ATCs! Wonderful colors and such sweet birdies too!

  7. I love, LOVE these. Although I love all your work! But I really Love these! Have I said Love too much?

  8. These are unbelievely gorgeous! The colours are absolutely yummy! I’m really loving your art, it’s so inspirational!

  9. Gorgeous pieces of work!!

  10. Donna…your postcard and atc’s are absolutely gorgeous. The colors you have used are beautiful and I love the hanging eggs.

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