That time of the week again…..

….yes it’s sunday so it must be Sunday Postcard Art time again.  This week we chose the theme of Mardi Gras ourselves, so when I was struggling to produce something that I even half liked I couldn’t blame anyone but us!!!  Anyway after many re-workings and countless layers of paint to cover up bits I hated here it is………


Donna xx



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23 responses to “That time of the week again…..

  1. Fantastic art. So bright and colourful!

  2. Oh I think this postcard is amazing!

  3. It’s beautiful. The colors are great.

  4. Sandy

    Wow this is stunning.
    Fantastic card.

  5. What a gorgeous mask and card – vibrant, and full of life.

  6. This is beautiful. Love all the details and colors.

  7. barnie

    Donna, this looks really wonderful, love all the butterflies and the great colours.

  8. fantastic postcard Donna!!

  9. This postcard is terrific. Love the vivid colors!
    Gaby xo

  10. fatmasplace

    fantastic collage

  11. Your postcard is simply radiant This radiant looks like she attend Carnivale as the Sun Goddess.

  12. I love all the bright colors!!!

  13. Ooh, that is so gorgeous! It looks 3 dimensional and love the saturated colors.

  14. dutchstamptramp

    Wow fantastic Donna, what a fabulous colours!

  15. Very nice – I love the colors.

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