A New Year…..

…and a new theme of Celebrate at Sunday Postcard Art.  Here’s mine for this week…….


Inked and stamped background with collaged lettering and a copy of an old family photo………the young woman on the right, sitting on the young mans knee, is my mum as a girl!

(the red of the ‘a’, ‘y’ and ‘t’ is not really as bright in real life think my scanner was having fun!! LOL!)

Donna xx



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20 responses to “A New Year…..

  1. What a fantastic photo! Fantastic overall picture. It is a fun pastime to study all the faces and wonder what they were thinking at the time. The young man in the back row centre looks like he may have done too much celebration and the girl on the right (and on his left) looks very disdainful. It is a priceless picture. Bravo.

  2. that is so cool, it looks like they were having a great time. happy new year.

  3. Excellent post card..love how you have used a real photo…what a great memory piece this will make. Beautiful!

  4. OK….is it just me … or is it actually snowing on your blog…lol

  5. This is just too fun and creative! Great job!

  6. Audrey Meijs


  7. Sandy

    Wow this is fantastic.
    Gorgeous card. Love the image.

  8. Fabulous, love the photo, great background.

  9. fatmasplace

    beautiful card. wish you a happy new year, donna

  10. Love the vintage photo….great postcard!

  11. Lovely card – I like what you did with the background.

  12. What a fantastic family photo.
    Your card is really celebrate!!

  13. What a beautiful photo and I love what you’ve done with it so much.

  14. Love the photo you used, such a fun time! Gorgeous work 🙂

  15. Wonderful celebration postcard and all the more special as it is a family photo! Love it!

  16. oh i love how you use family pics in your work…. crikey your mum hasnt aged a bit! lol

  17. Wow… that is great! I need to digitize those old family pix.

  18. dutchstamptramp

    Looks like a fun party. Wonderful card!

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