….is the theme chosen for us by Fatma this week on Sunday Postcard Art .  Must admit I struggled with this one …… first thinking of the Joker from Batman then a Joker in a pack of cards, couldn’t come up with much though so I cheated a little and used these three boys from Lisa’s Altered Art and gave them joker hats…..they definately look like they could be right jokers!!!!


Donna xx



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15 responses to “Joker……

  1. This is gobsmackingly gorgeous!! I love it!!

  2. fatmasplace

    “lol” i´m sitting and laughing about your idea. wonderful

  3. Jolly little lads, love your interpretation.

  4. Sandy

    OMG this is really lovely.
    So cute jokers.

  5. fab work Donna ~ love those 3 little boys

  6. Gorgeous, love your postcards!!

  7. Oh this is just so very sweet and clever!

  8. Hi Donna,

    Your work is brill, still love having a peek at your blog – and I’ve tagged you! Always feel like saying sorry, but it’s fun (honest!).

    Check out my blog to see what I’m on about.

  9. I do not know when I have seen cuter and more precious jokers, you’ve transformed them beautifully and they look so at home (and mischievous) in their caps = brilliant!

  10. Donna, this is a such a lovely card – so cute!!! I also had a hard time coming up with an idea.

  11. Joker cuties! Love it.

  12. This card is really cute. Love the three little guys. Very clever !

  13. I love your interpretaion of this theme, but, then, I’ve been partial to chubby little legs!

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