Is the theme chosen by Nellie for our challenge on Sunday Postcard Art this week. 

Think Italy and think opera so I decided on using an image of the Italian diva Lina Cavalieri on my card for this week.  The background is a mixture of torn papers, acrylic and chalk ink then with some added stamping and scribbling with coloured pencils to bring the whole thing together.


Donna xx



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15 responses to “Italy

  1. Amazingly beautiful. Just exquisite!

  2. I forgot to say that even though my comments on your picture went through immediately, my postcard has probably gone to the spam folder!! A friend of mine (Indybev) posted after me and had no trouble but mine hasn’t appeared, Bev thinks that it is possible we have to register for an approved list. Is this correct? There have been a lot of problems with WordPress challenges and posting lately.
    Apart from this little hiccup, I have to say AGAIN your postcard is one of the most elegant and beautiful that I have seen.

  3. Oh! This is absolutely magical!

  4. I love your work on the background. It almost looks like encaustic. You’ve certainly achieved a soft collage effect to set off your lovely ballerina to greatest advantage. Just simply a beautiful piece!

  5. fatmasplace

    oh my gosh, i love her, she is soooooooo beautiful, wonderful piece of art

  6. dutchstamptramp

    Fabulous card Donna. Love the colourscheme!

  7. Fabulous Donna!! love the background and colours!

  8. An absolutely gorgeous piece and wonderful take on this week’s theme!

  9. What a beautiful postcard. I love the image.

  10. LazyKay

    Bella Donna, Donna – beautiful.


  11. What an absolutely beautiful card. There’s such a serene look on her face.

  12. i adore this; i think it’s so lovely!

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