….is the theme chosen by Ilonka for this weeks challenge on Sunday Postcard Art.  Went for a bit of a blood thirsty film for my offering for this week, bring out the garlic and the crosses ‘cos Dracula is on the prowl!

Donna xx



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11 responses to “Movies…..

  1. What a thought! And it is nearly dinner time in Oz. I think I have lost my appetite. Great take on the movie challenge – funny and clever.

  2. excellent Donna…. good choice

  3. fatmasplace

    how cool is that?

  4. OK, Now I’m scared! Great interpretation of a vampire on the loose! I love the creativity.

  5. Love this card, so cool.

  6. Creepily cool! He’s my favorite Dracula too!

  7. Very spooky and cool Donna! Love those red eyes!!!

  8. LazyKay

    LOL! Excellent!

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