Sunday again ……

…… it has to be Sunday Postcard Art time again!  This week we’re going all French with the theme of Marie Antoinette.  Or should that be Austrian and not French as that’s where she was born……..sorry rambling now!  I’ll shut up!!

Here’s mine anyway, main image courtesy of Digital Collage Sheets…..

Donna xx



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14 responses to “Sunday again ……

  1. Fabulous, gorgeous colours.

  2. fatmasplace

    ohhhhhhhhhh this cakes are really birthday cakes. wonderful work

  3. fatmasplace

    donna, please have a look in the spam at sunday postcard art;)

  4. Fantastic – I love the glow you have achieved. The picture really “pops” and those cakes look very inviting.

  5. fab work! love the colours and everyfing about it mrs! WD!

  6. fabulous postcard!!!!!!!!

  7. Fabulous, and cake too!

  8. love your marie and the cakes 🙂

  9. Great Postcard, Donna.

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