Is this weeks challenge on Sunday Postcard Art.  For me the thing I love about about autumn is all the colour that explodes as the trees start to turn………it’s a close run thing between autumn and spring as to which is my favourite season.

Anyway here’s my postcard…….made by candlelight and the light of a wind up torch as we had a power cut for several hours last night and as usual I’d left everything to the last minute!  There’s a lesson there isn’t there……….trouble is I probably won’t learn by it!!

 Acrylic and ink background with collaged image stamped branches and punched out leaves which were then coloured with watercolour pencils.

Donna xx



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18 responses to “Autumn

  1. Sandy

    Wow really romantic.
    Amazing postcard. I love it.

  2. oooooooo lovely postcard Donna…….as usual

  3. dutchstamptramp

    Gorgeous. Fabulous bakcground, such a dreamy atmosphere

  4. I LOVE the leaves on this one! Great colours too!

  5. I love the image with the horse and the leafy border!

  6. Beautifully takes you to another place in time..Love it..

  7. I like those leaves very much!

  8. Very beautiful ! So romantic!

  9. Beautiful . Love the leaves !!

  10. Such a romantic/fall postcard. I am especially enamored with the leaves you created! 🙂 Lovely effect.

  11. that worked out really well for candlelight Donna!

  12. LazyKay

    Love the images you’ve chosen and how you’ve used them. Beautiful.


  13. A beautiful card. Great leafy border.

  14. your card is beautiful and your watercolor background is wonderful! love the leaves

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