It’s that time again….

…’s sunday so it must be time for another Sunday Postcard Art challenge. This week we have a guest artist, Sija, laying down the challenge which is to alter a real postcard. Great challenge Sija!

Ok so here’s what it looked like before it’s a postcard from Wookey Hole, Wells, Somerset and shows Madame Tussaud’s Store Room….

 and after the addition of some gesso, gouache, some images and a bit of gel pen this is how it looks now….

….now what do you collect!!!!!!!

Donna xx



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21 responses to “It’s that time again….

  1. Bwahaaaa… great sense of humor 🙂
    Very clever!

  2. kreativgeschwafel

    wow, that’s great!! and so fun!!

  3. Sandy

    Wow what a funny card.
    Great design.

  4. fab donna…. lol great humour

  5. This is awesome, love the card you started with, even more love the card you ended up with.

  6. dutchstamptramp

    Gorgeous card Donna!

  7. Great humour and fantastic card! Makes me smile 🙂

  8. What a perfect postcard to work with! Fabulous alteration!

  9. Fabulous Donna!! Love what you have made of it.

  10. Donna……I’m blown away by this one!!! Amazing job….love it….want it…. 🙂

  11. This is SO wonderful and clever! Brava! We’ll see if I can come up with something this week.

  12. That’s SO funny! I love it – it’s inspired.


  13. Oh this is a great one…perfect timing too. Diane

  14. What a fantastic post card to start with and the altered one is like what is really happening in hat room, great fun, love it

  15. deb1969

    rofl, Donna, this is just brilliant, great sense of humour and a fab postcard.

  16. cool!! Very fantastic postcard

  17. Oh what a SOH you have, great postcard to start off with and loving the end result.
    I have joined in this challenge for the first time and loved doing it.
    chriss x

  18. wow, this is fantastic, what a brilliant idea!! love it.
    Kaz 🙂

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