It’s sunday again….

….and another week has passed without me blogging! I really must get myself back on track!  Anyway as its sunday it’s time for another challenge on Sunday Postcard Art where this week we have a nice easy theme for you all…..crowns and wings.

Here’s my collaged postcard for this week.  Actually got another idea going round in my head so there might be another one up later.

Donna xx



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20 responses to “It’s sunday again….

  1. Oh that is TOO CUTE! I like the background as well as the main did a great job!

  2. Your card is simply stunning. Fabulous background!!

  3. Sandy

    Wow this is really lovely.
    Gorgeous card.

  4. Fantastic. Love the background – so complex.

  5. love this Donna…. its so cute!

  6. CUTE CUTE and CUTE 🙂

  7. kreativgeschwafel

    really wonderful!

  8. Sweet card, great work!

  9. dutchstamptramp

    Gorgeous card Donna. I love the whole idea!

  10. Beautiful, and what a great phrase! I’ve also nominated you for the Love your blog award – pop to my blog to collect it. Sharon x

  11. This little “princess” is just tooo cute! Lovely art.

  12. adorable art and i love the quote!

  13. this is fabulous, such a sweet image.

  14. Oh, so cuuuteee! Love it!

  15. This postcard is darling. It made me smile!!

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