It’s Sunday again….

….so it’s Sunday Postcard Art time and this week the theme is DOORS chosen by Sandy.

Here are a couple I’ve done.  The first is hand drawn with felt tip pens which I then brushed with water to give a watercolour look to and the second is a collaged one.

Donna xx



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22 responses to “It’s Sunday again….

  1. Sandy

    Oh Donna they are fantastic.
    Gorgeous work. Love them.

  2. Fabulous! Love them both.

  3. fatmasplace

    both are great.

  4. I agree with all the above comments, both cards are fabulous.

  5. Great Postcards. Love the first one!!

  6. Great work, I like both!

  7. dutchstamptramp

    Both so gorgeous and colourful Donna!

  8. Fantastic artwork…very impressive. The second one is just fabulous with those two little sweeties!

  9. fantastic, love the wee chaps and there balloons

  10. Super cards both of them!

  11. Great work Donna, like the effect achieved on the watercolour door.

  12. Audrey Meijs


  13. Fabulous! Love them both!!

  14. These are both fabulous, but I particularly love the hand-drawn one…what a great technique. Thanks so much for sharing your work.

  15. Very nice. I love the colors on the first one.

  16. A MAY ZING! Great work.


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