Time for tea…..

….the theme for this weeks Wednesday Stamper is Summer Tea Party, well what’s a tea party without tea and cakes??

Drew a teapot shape ( measures about 18cm x 12cm) and cut it out of some thick card.  I then stuck loads of bits of torn backing and script paper all over it, then painted it with acrylics, rubbed a bit of chalk ink, stamped some swirls with paint and some greenery with stazon, added the image of the little girl and some cupcakes, stamped some writing and added that and then finished it off with some shading with coloured pencils and a marker pen.

Now with all this talk of tea, I think I better go make a cup!

Donna xx



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21 responses to “Time for tea…..

  1. can you make me a cup while you’re there? also some of those yummy bickies you make!

    fabulous teapot… love love LOVE it

  2. Sandy

    Oh Donna what a lovely Idea.
    Fabulous piece. Awesome.

  3. belinda

    i was hoping and waiting for such 🙂 looks fabulous! brava!

  4. Love this, great teapot!


  5. Donna your teapot is fantastic and just so sWeEt!!!

  6. Its unique – a great idea!!

  7. its gorgeous, and so sweet.

  8. love all the background layers and the yummy cupcakes, really imaginative piece

  9. Gorgeous Donna! great teapot party

  10. Beautiful presentation for the summer tea theme. Great card!

  11. Donna, the teapot is precious. How very creative and really lovely.

  12. beautiful stamping love the tea pot.

  13. This is so cool. I love tea-inspired crafts. And, I just realized it is time for a cup! Beautiful work. I’m adding you to my reader.

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  15. Great idea, it’s beautiful!

  16. Donna

    Wow, what are the odds… the teapot you drew looks identical to the template at http://houseofstirfry.com/chia/templates/teapot01.html
    I love how you decorated it

  17. Your teapot is just SO wonderful!! Love everything about it!!!

  18. So pretty! I love your teapot.

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