Shades of white….

…………is the theme on Gothic Arches this week.  Boy I thought the arch was difficult but that was nothing to the problem of trying to scan it!! LOL!

I painted the arch with white acrylic, covered the whole thing with white lace ( doesn’t really show in scan) added some paper and painted over that, then the image, bit more paint round the edges then added the butterfly and the white embossed grungeboard letters to finish it off.

Donna xx



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18 responses to “Shades of white….

  1. Wow – drop dead gorgeous. Reminds me of wintery days!

  2. Kaz

    this is absolutely gorgeous. just stunning.

  3. Spectacular arch. Your scan came out just fine:)

  4. Sandy

    Wow this is wonderful.
    Awesome arch.

  5. Shades of white was a real challenge for me too. Your arch turned out so beautifully Donna, really SO Lovely!

  6. gothicarches

    Its gorgeous Donna.

  7. Sorry, the above coment should have been on my name.

  8. Lovely piece.


  9. beautiful.. soft and gentle look ..

  10. beautiful arch, lovely details…


  11. This is just beautiful!!!!! You should copy it and make Christmas cards!

  12. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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