Doggy time!

Dogs are the theme for our weekly challenge over on Sunday Postcard Art.

I made a couple this week.  Paper layering for the backgrounds of both of them with some acrylic smeared on here and there and then some distress ink and a bit of chalk ink for good measure.  Collaged images, shading with couloured pencil, tiny amount of overstamping and some correction tape around the edges finshed them off……….another ‘chuck everything at it that’s on the table’ session!! LOL!


Donna xx



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18 responses to “Doggy time!

  1. Very, very lovely cards!!!

  2. These are just too cute!
    Great topic 🙂

  3. fabulous donna ~ love em

  4. Both are fabulous, great backgrounds. Clever idea to use correction tape, it looks awesome.

  5. oh these are great, Im a dog lover having 4 myself..must have a go, shall post my entry later…new to this blog challenge!!
    shaz x

  6. Oh well! These are great. Lovely postcards.

  7. the cards are very cute and adorable to see these dogs and their funny hats

  8. I like both, great work!

  9. Really like your work and your blog….you have a very whimsical side and you appear to be having waaaaaay toooo much fun!!!!

  10. I like these, the 2nd one’s my favourite tho.


  11. love the correction tape idea. thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I love both of the postcards. You are such a creative person.

  13. oh they’re just wonderful cards!!

  14. WW

    Aren’t they sweet!!! Love’em both!

  15. ria

    Made a second one – Posing for the camera

  16. Love them! A smooch for the pooch!

  17. these are wonderful, they have such a great feeling of fun about them!

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