Cupcake anyone??

The theme for our challenge this week on Sunday Postcard Art is cakes so may I present to you the Cupcake Fairy…….she’s a cheeky little thing and if you don’t watch her she’ll gobble up every cupcake in sight!

Donna xx

PS……..You might carch a glimpse of a cupcake thief over on my other blog!



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17 responses to “Cupcake anyone??

  1. fatmasplace

    the colors are great. you gave the cupcake i spend a cup of coffee;)

  2. Audrey Meijs


  3. Sandy

    Wow this is absolutely gorgeous.
    Brilliant card. Love them.

  4. great cake donna…. hope you are bringing some today! lol

  5. Very nice Donna!!!!

  6. Ooooooooooh…beautiful colours!
    Have a great sunday 🙂

  7. Beautiful!!! great colours!!

  8. Must admit, she DOES look sugar and spice but I bet she’s a little devil!



  9. Donna, this is amazing! So many beautiful elements to this piece and perfectly co-ordinated. 🙂

  10. Just Love this postcard, everything about it, “everything nice”!

  11. lovely postcard! she’s sweet!

  12. Very sweet cake, I think.

  13. I love how she sits on the cupcake! Very lovely!

  14. I say >>> WOW!! What a great cupcake you made here !

  15. What a gorgeous card. I love how all the parts work together so well.

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