More altered spoons…..

…..these are such fun to do and quick!


Donna xx



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13 responses to “More altered spoons…..

  1. WW

    Love those spoons! Beautiful colors.

  2. Oh, wow, wow, wow.

    I’ve done a couple of wooden ones but not metal.

    These are hmmmmmmmmmm ……….well scrummy!


  3. they are beautiful !! Your blog is fantastic !!

  4. Your cutlery is Marvelous! I have altered some pieces but not added color, it looks fantastic! ! !

  5. LMP

    Very nice work Donna

    just Lovely

  6. craftytrog

    Amazing – must try that myself! Thanks for the inspiration! ;0) x

  7. I LOVE these spoons.. well done!!!!!

  8. I love your spoons,im about to do one so went to good old goggle and found you.Thanks so much for shearing.

  9. Joetta Lund

    Love the spoons! How do you color them?

  10. Lady A/

    I’m new to ink… what kind of ink did you use and how did you paint them?

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