Mona in Art……

……is the theme chosen by Fatma for our challenge this week on Sunday Postcard Art.

I’ve given Mona a bit of a zetti make over for mine!  Background was hand doodled and then inked over with adirondak dye based inks, then various things collaged on top.

Donna xx



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19 responses to “Mona in Art……

  1. Sandy

    Wow Donna this is unbelievable.
    Stunning piece. Love them.

  2. fatmasplace

    i love your zetti-art. great mona

  3. Great postcard!! love Mona in zetti style!

  4. Audrey Meijs

    Love your Mona!

  5. kreativgeschwafel

    what a fab mona!

  6. very lovely card and amazing backrgound

  7. Great art !! Love the soft smile of your Mona ! WOW

  8. Your Mona is fabulous Donna, Love everything about your postcard!

  9. just love love love it!

  10. hermaf

    Great Mona!

  11. love all the doodles ..she looks like a happy Mona

  12. Fun Colours and eye catching art! Great

  13. LOVE this! so fun to look at!

  14. Oh I love this! I’m just getting into Zetti art and have bought lots of stamps. Thanks for inspiring me even more!
    Linda x

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