Colourful Faces!

When I was little I used to do loads of drawing and painting but as I’ve got older I’ve neglected it somewhat.  So have decided that it’s high time the drawing pencils etc got dusted off and forced into work again!

These are a couple of atc’s I did yesterday using coloured pencils and a black pen only…..not a bit of collage or a stamp insight! LOL!


Donna xx



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8 responses to “Colourful Faces!

  1. wow donna…. i love these. WD! they are fantastic

  2. Paula/Bettyboo

    WOW…these are fab!
    Youre an extremely talented artist and I get so much inspiration from your blog…..cant wait to see more of this style.

  3. OMG! These are brilliant.


  4. wow they are stunning donna

  5. Donna, I’m so enjoying your painted faces at the moment, really great work.

  6. OOOoooooo Donna.. NICE!!!!!!

  7. Beautiful, Beautiful pieces Donna 🙂

  8. Kaz

    these are fantastic, you should definately not let it slide again, you’re very talented. gorgeous drawings and gorgeous atcs.

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